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Litigation Lawyers In North & West Vancouver

If you are looking for litigation lawyers on the North Shore, look no further. We represent clients at all levels of court and in alternative dispute resolution. Whether you need representation at the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal, or whether you would prefer to avoid court entirely, we are here to guide you at every step of the process.

Our clients are businesses, professionals and individuals from diverse backgrounds and we take pride in solving our clients’ disputes across a range of different litigation areas involving:

• wills, estates and trusts,
• committeeship and capacity issues,
• real estate,
• business disputes,
• personal injury and ICBC claims,
• construction,
• insurance litigation,
• professional regulation, and
• employment.

We will assist you at all stages of the litigation process, whether you are filing a claim or defending a claim. Our litigation lawyers will apply the law to your problem and come up with a range of solutions based on your needs.

We have significant trial experience and are skilled negotiators who seek realistic and cost-effective solutions to your legal problems.

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